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All Aboard, the Transparency Train is Leaving the Station

The Transparency Train will be departing Morill Hall on schedule thanks to OurCEO and OurProvost.


From the Daily:

Grad School restructuring team meets for first time

Plans for future meetings were made, and the team was asked to keep discussions confidential.

BY Katherine Wolfe

The team that will determine how to restructure the University of Minnesota Graduate School convened for the first time Friday, discussing how the team will proceed in the next six weeks.

How to restructure, not whether, how? This is not governance by consultation and directly contradicts written university policy on re-organization.

The 18-member implementation team, which is made up of faculty and two graduate students, also set up times for future meetings, University spokesman Dan Wolter said in an e-mailed statement.

Faculty and two graduate students? Not exactly, it is stacked with administrators and others who are directly answerable to the provost.

The meeting was not open to the public, and the media was not allowed in.

Openness, transparency? Ya, fer sure...

One team member, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the team was asked to keep the discussions confidential, but did not disclose who asked for confidentiality.

Ah, that would obviously be OurProvost, folks.

E-mails obtained by the Daily show that although team members are allowed to speak with media, they have been advised to speak with Wolter prior to making comments.

So faculty are allowed to speak, but they are only supposed to do this after they speak to Dan Wolter? Who the hell is Dan Wolter? And what right does he have to censure the comments of faculty and others to the press?

During the two-and-a-half-hour session, Senior Vice Provost Tom Sullivan also answered questions about what the "charge" of the committee is, Wolter said.

Sounds like the Strategic Propaganda Initiative. I will decide what is to be done, give you a charge, and you will do it. Sounds like consultation to me, alright.

There is indication the reconstruction’s original plan could change. The team will be discussing different models.

The team will meet on Fridays and will likely have sub-committees to deal with more specialized areas, Wolter said.

The team has until April 17 to make its final recommendations to the Provost’s Office, which will be followed by an opportunity for public comment, according to University documents.

Input which can of course be ignored, and OurCEO and OurProvost go merrily on with their plans?

The Openness and Transparency Express, leaving soon from Morrill Hall, a helluva way to run a railroad!

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