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Backing and Filling on the New Regents Scholarship Policy


OurLeader's making noises about the knowledge economy and the development of human capital [I hate that phrase] is inconsistent with changes in the Regents Scholarship policy recently made by executive fiat.

Even OurLeader appears to have finally realized the blatant inconsistency, due in no small part to the furious reaction from people who have used this benefit, both on the receiving end and in recruitment.

For background, please see:

University employees react to Regents Scholarship Cut

From the latest spamogram of President Bruininks:

• No recent policy discussion has generated more feedback than the proposed shift of the Regents Scholarship Program from being fully funded by the University to permitting some level of cost sharing between the University and eligible employees. Our goal is twofold: to reduce the annual cost of the program (nearly $9 million and growing 10 percent per year) and to ensure that it remains a generous benefit for our employees. We have listened to you, and we are exploring multiple ways to restructure this important program, especially with regard to employees pursuing their first baccalaureate degree. We are also examining the impact of expanded education tax credits and tax deductions on tuition contributions for degree-seeking employees. More detailed information will be available in the next few weeks.

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