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Further Backpedaling on Graduate School Reorganization

And, as Martha would say, "It's a good thing."


From the Daily:

The Graduate School Implementation Team began gathering information on how departments could be affected by the school’s restructuring at their meeting Friday.

Director of Graduate Admissions Dean Tsantir, and Director of Student Services Karen Starry, addressed their departments’ current functions at the committee’s second meeting.

College of Liberal Arts Dean Jim Parente oversaw the meeting, since the committee's chair, Institute of Technology Dean Steven Crouch, is out of town.

The Committee's chair, IT Dean Crouch, probably has a lot of other very important things on his plate right now, but maybe that was the idea?

“This it the very beginning of what we imagine to be a series of conversations with people in the Graduate School itself,” Parente said.

Actually talk with the people in the Grad School? Didn't OurProvost already do this?

The committee will be holding an open meeting on Wednesday, Parente said.

You mean Dan Wolter won't get to serve as a filter? However will we keep a lid on this process? Think of the children! Should they know what goes on in a meeting such as this?

The previous meetings have been closed to the media and public. Parente said he expects the time and place of the meeting to be announced by e-mail to Graduate School faculty, staff and students Monday.

Walking the talk is good, Dean Parente. You're new around here to the dean business, aren't you? That's not going to be popular with your colleagues in the administration.

Check mndaily.com for updates and developments. Pick up a copy of Monday's Daily for a comprehensive look at the decision to restructure the Graduate School and policies that may have been breached in the process.

There are a lot of people interested in those policies that have been breached. It's called process and governance. OurProvost is a serial ex-law school dean who should know better.

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