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If you repeat something often enough, maybe people will start to believe it... Graduate School Reconstruction will save money and improve graduate education?

The claim has been made by OurProvost that the Graduate School Reconstruction will save money and improve graduate education.

IT Dean Steve Crouch, the chairman of the reconstruction committee, makes some statements that contradict OurProvost's propositions.

To wit:

>"When asked how the reconstruction will improve graduate education, the chair of the implementation team, Institute of Technology Dean Steven Crouch, said it was unclear." "He also said it is still not clear where there will be any cost savings, which administrators have predicted."

"The University is looking to five other universities, including the University of Chicago and MIT, as models for restructuring the Graduate School. But Jennifer Gunn , acting director of the history of medicine program, said the University of Minnesota is much different from the small, private schools that administrators are comparing the University to."

"Crouch said there may be better examples that should be considered."

"Crouch, however, said he would be surprised if there isn’t a new central admissions office put in place after the reconstruction."

"Crouch said if the committee decides that certain departments should remain centralized, their recommendation would be seriously considered, but ultimately, the Graduate School will be dissolved."

Out of the mouth of the chairman of the re-organization committee comes clear evidence that the Sullivan/Bruininks putsch may be a bad idea.

The Graduate school will be absorbed by OurProvost. It is obvious from the last quote that this is a foregone conclusion. To pretend otherwise, Tom, is disingenuous.

Bill Gleason

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