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OurCEO Asks for Questions


"So what's on your mind..."

OurCEO sent out an email this morning soliciting questions to be answered after his 2009 State of the University address.

To which I replied:

Dear Bob,

You asked for questions. I have many but will send just two:

1. Why don't you take a salary cut of 10-20% as many other CEOs have done? Your compensation is in excess of 700K. Under the current circumstances a voluntary pay cut is in order.

2. Why didn't you follow written University policy on the Graduate School re-organization? Policy requires that such a decision be made in consultation with the community. It is not sufficient to make the decision and at that point to involve faculty and others in implementation. The same can be said with respect to your actions in re-organizing the Medical School and the AHC.

If you want everyone to pull together in this crisis - and it is a crisis - then honesty, integrity, and, yes, consultation, will be required.

I look forward to your answers. I wish I could be at your talk in person but I have concurrent teaching obligations.

Best wishes,

Bill Gleason

William B. Gleason, University of Minnesota
Associate Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
Fellow, University of Minnesota Supercomputer Institute
Graduate Faculty: Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering

I haven't had much luck getting answers to questions like these in the past. It will be interesting to see what happens this time.


William: Best of luck with this, old boy! One expects the University of Minnesota mafia to sidestep this sort of questioning with a cheerleading statement about something unrelated. Count any response as a success. Cheers!

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