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PZ Goes Big Time

My esteemed colleague, PZ Meyers, a faculty member at U of M, Morris, will be writing a monthly science column for the Guardian. A coup of another type for the U of M?

[PZ has been in a little trouble lately over some of the things that have appeared on his blog. He is still employed - for which I am grateful. My blog has been described as kid stuff in comparison to Pharyngula, PZ's bully pulpit.]

from Pharyngula:

Posted on: March 3, 2009 7:03 AM, by PZ Myers

They even titled the announcement "And now for something completely different…".

I'm going to be doing a new monthly science column for the Guardian, so once again, I have blithely stacked another deadline on top of the groaning pile already on my desk. This should be fun, though, and one must constantly be building beachheads on other continents if one hopes to take over the world.

Besides, I've also been promoted to "leading American evolutionary biologist", which will surprise leading American evolutionary biologist everywhere, but which will look wonderfully pretentious on my CV.

Hmm... Leading American evolutionary biologist? Apparently PZ is internationally famous. Maybe it is time to appoint him a Regents Professor? I'll bet OurCEO would support this, after all he has "ambitious aspirations."

Maybe not...


Well, the "leading American evolutionary biologist" part was kind of an unwarranted promotion...it won't really be going on my CV. I'd be too embarrassed.

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