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The Return of the Junkyard Dog


For a little background on this continuing saga, please see:

Wherein OurLeader Ventilates, Decries Tin Cup Approach, Offers Tax Advice, Threatens State With Junkyard Dog Behavior

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Some short sections from the Strib piece:

President Robert Bruininks told this newspaper 16 months ago that if his University of Minnesota was again threatened with deep state appropriations cuts, he intended to be "meaner than a junkyard dog" in fighting back.

"You can't continually cut and cut and cut," he said. "That's not an aspirational vision for the future. That's a death wish."

Bruininks said he'd hoped that when Pawlenty said in December that he would spare education from cuts, he meant to include higher education. That's what governors in several other knowledge-economy wannabe states are doing.

Bruininks is asking the Legislature to soften Pawlenty's blow. But he's a realist who knows well how government works in his adopted home state. Governors usually get their way.

The president is already making cuts.

He's not so reticent now: "If we plan to keep the economy and quality of life high in Minnesota, we need to be looking at some new sources of revenue."

Bruininks doesn't sound junkyard mean when he says it. But if this respected educator says it often enough, some politicians might feel a nip.

I'm not really hearing anything new here, Bob. For some concrete suggestions, please see:

Time to put the head back on? Or, we have no money, therefore we must think

Oh, and by the way, whenever you contemplate that junkyard dog shtick, just remember what happened to Leroy Brown...

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