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Truthiness about Tuition Benefits for Staff


This is a complex issue, obviously...

From the Strib:

A regents committee discussed the proposal for the first time Thursday. Several supported the change. "If we don't save that $2.4 million here ... it equates, for example, into about 40 jobs we have to cut somewhere else," said Regent Clyde Allen.

Please read the comments on this article. You will note that we have a big problem of perception out there. One of the problems is that most people perceive that this tuition benefit costs the U nothing and that this is just a way to generate more revenue on the backs of those who can least afford it.

If anyone from the administration would like to expain why real money is involved that might be helpful.

There are, of course, other and arguably better ways to raise more money. They have been outlined before in the December 5 (2008) Periodic Table post:

Time to put the head back on?
Or, we have no money, therefore we must think.

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