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What happens when a jock-sniffing president and a great football coach share ambitious aspirations…

Florida State's T.K. Wetherell, Bobby Bowden trivialize academic fraud

From the Orlando (Florida) Sentinel:

Is it just me or are Florida State's two most visible employees -- President T.K. Wetherell and football coach Bobby Bowden -- embarassingly trying to justify or trivialize academic fraud?

Exhibit A: Bowden telling reporters about NCAA sanctions against FSU, “I think they tried to kill a flea with a hammer."

Really? Seriously?

Can you minimize a wide-spread academic scandal involving 61 athletes in 10 sports any more than comparing it to an annoying, miniscule insect?

Then there was the troubling quote from Wetherell during his press conference last week -- a quote that unfortunately got lost amid the controversy of Wetherell using a profanity to describe Samford University.

During the news conference, Wetherell took the opportunity to ask this question of reporters concerning FSU athletes cheating on exams in an on-line music course: "How many of you if given the opportunity would look at the answers?," he asked. "No, I won't even ask you to answer, you all would probably."

Translation: What's the big deal? It's just a little harmless, everyday cheating, right?.

The more I think about this, the more disappointed I become in Florida State.

If this is FSU's cavalier attitude toward academic fraud, the school should immediately drop its appeal to have NCAA sanctions lessened.

If Wetherell and Bowden keep opening their mouths, the NCAA might consider strengthening the penalties instead.

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