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HR Spamogram

"HR Budget Strategies Update

These are challenging economic times. Our University budget is still in flux, and while stimulus money may give us more time to adjust, we know that serious cuts are necessary. With 70 percent of the University’s budget supporting faculty and staff, we likely will all share the burden of this economic crisis. In Human Resources, we are working hard to develop initiatives that address the need to better reduce costs and support our employees. As we face the very difficult road ahead, we are prepared to assist you in every way possible."

Serious cuts are necessary?

How about:

A cut of 10-20% in OurLeader's ~740K$ compensation package.

A cut of 10% in the NUMBER of administrators

A cut of 10% for administrators making more than 250K$

It will obviously be easier for the peons to accept cuts if they are shared by the administration.

How about some leadership in this area, President Bruininks?

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