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MED2010 - The Pause That Refreshes?

from the Daily:

A planned major overhaul of the Medical School’s curriculum will be largely scaled back due to financial constraints***, according to Medical School officials.

Components of the MED2010 initiative, which has been in the works the last few years, will still be incorporated into the education of medical students entering in 2010, said Dr. Lindsey Henson, vice dean for education in the Medical School. But the stark program changes will not be put into place as planned, she said.

Originally the brain child of Dean Dr. Deborah Powell, MED2010 was the product of numerous faculty consultations and pilot programs. The proposed changes would have completely altered the way the University of Minnesota educates new physicians.

A memo regarding the MED2010 changes from Senior Vice President for Health Sciences Dr. Frank Cerra and Powell is expected to be sent to faculty and students sometime this week.

*** Uh, huh!

This song was written by Prince. He was paid $5 million for it too.

The original demo has Prince doing a Ray Charles pastiche/impression, indicating that he knew the song was for Ray to sing. His original demo is 6 minutes or so long: starting with just keyboard organ and voice, before becoming a major funk workout.

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