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More on the Graduate School Closing Fiasco

From the minutes (Committee on Finance and Planning 2/17/09:

Professor Warwick asked if the question about the future of the Graduate School will come to this Committee. It will not, Professor Martin said; the Faculty Consultative Committee is actively addressing the issues raised. Professor Warwick expressed disappointment over the decision and said the Graduate School is one of the strongest elements of the University; eliminating it would weaken the stature of the University. Professor Martin said many people feel that way but it is not an appropriate issue for this Committee.

Professor Konstan noted that the Provost has said any savings will go back into graduate education. But it is not clear there will be any savings and said he did not like the model that the University uses: dedicating funds from a unit that has been shut down to the activities that were shut down.
It seems disingenuous to say that any saved money will not be used to deal with the $75 million reduction in state funding. Professor Martin said the Committee could inquire of the Provost about any potential savings from the decision and how that money would be used.

Mr. Klein noted that the Provost's letter indicates some services will go to the colleges; some money should follow in order to handle the increased workload. The Committee should ask for accountability for the funds and not just accept the emphasis on savings. Professor Martin agreed there should be no unfunded mandates.

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