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Agreement Seems Like a Long Shot at This Point...

From Mary "the Hammer":

Sunday Stalemate

The Capitol hallway chatter this weekend was interesting.

Here's a bunch of lobbyists glued to the TV, not with legislative action, but baseball was the broadcast of choice in the hallway.

At this spot a senior senator told me "there won't be a deal" despite the governor and leaders trading offers all night and morning.

The sense of many Capitol hallway dwellers was that House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher was the one who really needs and wants a deal. As a senator said, "she can't run for governor without a deal." But if she could stage another override that could boost her profile again.

Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller was clear his caucus would not support something "that's not in the best interest of the state." Senators seem fine with giving Gov. Pawlenty plenty of rope to make tough cuts and beat him up all summer. They do not want a repeat of the year they gave in to the governor and helped Republicans pass big budget cuts.

If nothing is happening today as far as serious negotiation, things look pretty bleak for a reasonable settlement by midnight tomorrow. Lots of people are going to get hurt - including the governor.

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