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Brain Dumps and Mad Rants

Another reaction to the Graduate School fiasco...

A colleague writes an interesting blog with the above title. From his post entitled: "Storm clouds on a sunny day, or, how once again power corrupts absolutely."

The end of spring semester should be a joyous time for faculty and for students. I am extremely proud of my students (and especially those who finish this year). I take great joy in celebrating their accomplishments and in working with them in every capacity. Beyond that, though, there are dark shadows on this campus on even the sunniest days.

The reason for that is simple: the way that much of the university's administration has handled themselves this year with respect to the February 9 graduate school reorganization memo has been atrocious.

Our university faces an unprecedented challenge to its very existence. Mr. Bruininks correctly pointed out in his state of the university address that our success in addressing these challenges depends on students and faculty being willing to rally together in our common defense and in the defense more broadly of our university and of publicly funded higher education.

Yet key administrators respond by making decisions that are akin to taking a knife to our guts and spitting in our faces.

I have twice as much work as I ever have (and am told that I should look forward to a future of doing more with fewer resources), and I'm doing it, metaphorically speaking, with one hand holding in my viscera.

The sole purpose of recent decisions seems to be to force the faculty into camps, and to create a culture on campus of competition and opacity.

This is, simply put, bad management.

Anna Clark suggested at a recent faculty senate meeting that a program of reconciliation with the students and faculty needs to be initiated. I couldn't agree more.

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