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Double Dipping Endemic? Pandemic? Educational?


Sound familiar?

From the Pioneer Press on line version (today)

Carstarphen earning $1,000 a day from next job in Austin, Texas, while still working for St. Paul Schools Though she doesn't start officially in Austin, Texas, until July 1, St. Paul superintendent Meria Carstarphen has already earned $16,000 as a consultant to her new district, Austin records show.

Wonder if she learned this trick from anyone around here?

By the way, whatever happened to our own double-dippers? Mark Rotenberg was going to get right on that... last year.

For background, see:

U Admin: Sainfort, Jacko Being Treated Unfairly?

Maybe if we ignore the problem, it will go away?


Re: Sainfort & Jacko: Our hands are placed firmly over our ears and we are singing LA LA LA as loudly as we can. Problem solved.

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