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Dr. Cerra Circumlocutes on the Issue of a Dedicated Med School Dean


Three Minnesota Vice-Deans discuss strategy while waiting to meet with the Executive Vice-Dean who is in conference with the Dean (aka VP for Health Sciences).

And so it goes with the management team at the University of Minnesota medical school..

from Frank Cerra

to MED-ALL@oris2.ahc.umn.edu

date Wed, May 20, 2009

subject Transition Update and Response to Questions

One of the questions I continue to hear involves the roles and responsibilities of the Dean in contrast to that of the new Executive Vice Dean. Underlying the question, there appears to be a concern that the Medical School deserves the attention of a full-time Dean.

Let me clearly state that the University of Minnesota's Medical School will have a dedicated Dean, as well as a dedicated Executive Vice Dean and an administrative leadership team devoted to the success of the Medical School.

As Dean, my role will be focused on the executive and longer term strategic functions
of the Medical School, providing internal policy and strategic direction, while ensuring its external relationships are strong and effective and are promoting programmatic growth and financial stability.

The Executive Vice Dean role will be focused on the critical day-to-day operations of the Medical School. These operating functions will be assisted by three vice deans (education, research and clinical affairs) who will focus on implementation of the tri-partite mission and the service functions that support it.

Frank B. Cerra, M.D.
Senior Vice President for Health Sciences
McKnight Presidential Leadership Chair

There, doesn't that make you feel better?

Well, no. An obvious question is: Where does the buck stop?

The U of M med school will have a dedicated Dean?

Is that you, Dr. Cerra? Doesn't sound like it. You have other responsibilities in addition to being dean, so one would have to conclude that you are NOT a dedicated dean.

We were supposedly going to join your present job with the dean's job, thus saving on administration. But it sounds like we will now have an Executive Vice-Dean and three other Vice-Deans. Wow, that's progress?

Please see the old Abbot and Costello piece entitled: Who's on first?

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