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Everything is on the Table, Invest in Human Capital, But Remember: Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Other Pigs

From the Star-Tribune (January 21, 2009)

Robert Bruininks: Invest in education

"In the global creative economy, human capital drives economic growth. Minnesota has had a proud legacy of strategically investing in its people; as a result, countless businesses have located and invested in Minnesota."

From the Daily:

"Several speakers at the rally said a Regents Scholarship reduction places the budget burden disproportionately on those least able to afford it, and said highly paid administrators should take cuts instead.

Regent Dallas Bohnsack responded to that notion by referencing the salary freeze, which includes top administrators."

Sorry, but this dog won't hunt. Do you seriously believe that a FREEZE of compensation at $740 K (that would be President Bruininks) is equivalent to a CUT in benefits for those making (comparatively) peanuts?

Why is it that Osmo Vanska, Joe Dowling, the MIA CEO and the Walker CEO have taken serious salary cuts while our highly-paid administrators have only been frozen - and at a very high level? There are also numerous University and College presidents throughout the US who have taken large cuts in compensation.

How about some leadership on this matter, President Bruininks?

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