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Faculty Senate Resolution Disapproves Provost's Plan to Dissolve Graduate School

April 30, 2009

WHEREAS: The University of Minnesota’s Policy on Reorganization requires that the Senate “be involved in any organizational or structural decision affecting an academic unit” (Preamble); further, that “the campus assembly (or analogous body) of an affected campus or collegiate unit shall review and make recommendations on ... [the] elimination of existing collegiate units” (I); further, that “When the president contemplates (a) the establishment or elimination of senior administrative position(s) of high rank, or (b) a major reorganization of the central administration, he or she shall present a proposal to the Senate Consultative Committee ... for information and discussion,” and likewise when the provost contemplates such reorganization for a campus (III.2);

WHEREAS: The Provost’s plan to abolish the Graduate School, as publicly announced by the Provost in his e-mail of Feb. 9, 2009 to the University faculty, was adopted without any prior consultation or involvement of the University Senate, or any part or committee thereof, in violation of University policy;

WHEREAS: The “Implementation Committee” (eventually renamed the “Committee on Graduate Education”) appointed by and reporting to the Provost is not a “campus assembly (or analogous body)” and was constituted and charged only after the plan to abolish the Graduate School had already been made and publicly announced;

WHEREAS: The formal charge to the “Implementation Committee” (now “Committee on Graduate Education”) did not encompass review of the merits of the underlying plan to abolish the Graduate School, having instead been limited to consideration of how the Provost’s plan to abolish the Graduate School was to be implemented;

BE IT RESOLVED: That the University Senate of the University of Minnesota disapproves the Provost’s plan to dissolve the Graduate School as announced in the Feb. 9. 2009 memorandum;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the University Senate demands that any proposal to dissolve or otherwise to restructure the Graduate School comply with the University of Minnesota Policy on Reorganization.

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