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Further Frank Talk


For some background, please see the previous post: Speaking Frankly - Dr. Cerra Opens Up?

From a blanket email:

Frank Cerra
to ALL-AHC-ALL@oris2.ahc.umn.edu
date Wed, May 6, 2009 at 4:34 PM

I find there is a very high level of interest and a real commitment to moving us all ahead as we address the challenges before us and continue the quest for excellence, as well as greater productivity and efficiency. I also find that it is time to broaden the conversation and engage more of you in it.

To that end, I have asked my communications team to develop an approach to give you information in a way that is engaging and allows you to respond. Part of that will be a transition website where names of the groups referred to above are posted, along with documents that are in various stages of development and consultation.

We – like all major Academic Health Centers - face significant challenges ...

These include: the alignment of the clinical enterprise, moving into a learning environment, capturing the value of the research corridors and the new Biomedical Facilities District, leveraging our strengths, developing a new economic model, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our service platforms.

Clearly, I will need the energy and expertise of the faculty as we engage in a strategic directions process to understand these areas, problem solve them, and move ahead in the quest for excellence for all our health sciences schools, as we also continue to move the Medical School forward. I believe we can do this.

Many have asked how will you do two jobs, Frank.

I do not intend to do two jobs. The approach is one of separating the executive and management functions of the Medical School, and I will perform those executive/strategic functions of the Medical School as well as those of the AHC.

The management functions of the Medical School will occur via a skilled management team, the same way the skilled management team in the office of the SVPHS will continue its work.

The operational functions unique to the Medical School will remain within the Medical School, and I plan to appoint an executive vice dean who will perform those day to day operational duties.

The Medical School is a critical asset of the University of Minnesota and for it to be successful moving forward, it must have operational expertise.

It’s critical for all our health sciences schools that the Medical School’s drive forward takes place in concert with the other AHC Schools as well as the rest of the University - particularly in those areas where we partner in interdisciplinary work.

I look forward to further e-mail communications, and would like to know your thoughts. For now, please feel free to contact me [by email].

Frank B. Cerra, M.D.
Senior Vice President for Health Sciences
McKnight Presidential Leadership Chair

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.

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