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Hellzapoppin, U and MNSCU screwed?

From Twitter:

supporttheu Unallotment would result in 15-18 percent tuition increase (http://bit.ly/Jmg6z) plus up to 750 #UMN jobs lost, Pres. Bruininks testifies.

PoliticsMN MAK concludes public Higher Ed: "You never hear anyone say the answer to our future is less education". Sad because it's true

sturdevant Shades of 2003: gov's higher ed cut is in that league.

PoliticsMNRT @repterrymorrow: Mnscu possibly looking at 5% tuition increase in 1st year and, under Governor plan, a 12% increase in the 2nd year.

PoliticsMN Pogemiller: The Legislature cut deeper into higher ed upfront - Gov offered $38M cut the first time, and now he slashed the heck out of it

PoliticsMN Now, Chancellor McCormick RT @repterrymorrow: Bruinicks--"we can't take the next two years off at the University of Minnesota"

sturdevant U's ability to compete for research (jobs) is on the line.

tomscheck Buininks: Pawlenty's proposed cuts "would be really savage and severe and would cost the state money."

sturdevant A sorry state: the prez of our great U pleading for his school's financial health at 5:30 p.m. Sat.

PatKessler UM Pres Bruininks comes off disabled list: appears to have broken right ankle or foot in cast. Difficulty getting to witness table

PoliticsMN Bruininks: Taconite, medical devices, honeycrisp apples. keep higher ed vibrant strong. Kohls: are there budget reserves? Bruininks: yeah

sturdevant Gov's cuts would hit higher ed hard -- 190M over 2 years. There goes the Brainpower State.

PatKessler At MN Leg budget hearing: UM President Bruiniks sez budget cuts 'devastating.' Estimates 15%-18% tuition increase, up to 750 job cuts

PoliticsMN $6.6M is a percent increase in tuition. It would be an intolerable level to hike 15%, couldnt come up w much federal stimulus $$$

PoliticsMN $60M was already cut to university - Pogie: this is tripling the cuts (that the DFL already did) Pappas: if we release from cap, 15% HIKE

PoliticsMN MAK: What happens to tuition if this gets layered on with the work now in conference cmte? Pogie: we've already cut higher ed

PoliticsMN Bruininks: what happens in the next 2 years, then the 2 years after, when the federal stimulus money isn't going to be around....

PoliticsMN RT @martigal: U of M's Bruininks: "This is a huge budget reduction." on Pawlenty's offer, cutting $190m from higher ed. #mnleg

PoliticsMN This budget process is going to cause a lot of federal stimulus matching funds to disappear, how handled?? Now: Bruiniks on tuition hikes...

PoliticsMN Now turning to Sen Pappas & the U's Robert Bruininks on the big cuts to the U in the offing ($190M cut from Higher Ed)

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