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New Chancellors Announced for UCSF and UC-Davis

Our old friend and former U of M president, Mark Yudof, has been busy in the UC system and recent choices for the chancellor positions at UCSF and UC-Davis have been announced. The new UC-Davis chancellor is currently provost at Illinois, having previously been engineering dean at Purdue. The new CEO at UCSF - a medical research school - is, surprisingly, leaving a position at Genentech where she headed product development.

Let's hope that the U of M can attract candidates of this caliber to apply for the CEO spot at Minnesota the next time we are in the market. It is also worth noting that both new chancellors are fairly young (51 and 55) and thus will have an opportunity to have a long-term impact at their institutions. Nowadays, most places seem to be hiring outsiders for such positions and certainly an infusion of new blood into the rather inbred administration of the U of M would be desirable.


From the LA Times:

Two women, one a noted cancer researcher and the other a electrical engineering expert and veteran academic administrator, were nominated Friday to become chancellors at UC San Francisco and UC Davis, respectively.

Currently only one woman, Marye Anne Fox at UC San Diego, heads any of the system’s 10 campuses.

Susan Desmond-Hellman, who recently headed product development at the Genentech biomedical firm, was named to be the next chancellor at UC San Francisco, which is a medical research school. Desmond-Hellmann, who is 51 and earned a medical degree from the University of Nevada, worked on AIDS and cancer-related research in Africa and has taught on hematology-oncology at UC San Francisco.

Nominated to lead UC Davis was Linda Katehi who has served as provost at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign since 2006. Katehi, who is 55 and earned a UCLA doctorate in electrical engineering, taught at the University of Michigan and Purdue University, where she was engineering dean.

UC system President Mark G. Yudof is to bring their nominations to the UC regents board for approval next week for terms that would begin this summer.

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