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President Bruininks Reacts to Unallotment

From a mass-emailing on behalf of President Bruininks:

Make no mistake: the University is being cut substantially. We are facing a cut to our state budget base of 7% or $104M, with a likely additional unallotment that will take us to 13% or $178M. You'll likely hear smaller cuts quoted in the media--these quoted numbers are inaccurate, because they rely on federal stimulus dollars that disappear after 2010-11, leaving the University and the state facing a steep cliff in the next biennium. In other words, the quoted cuts are temporary; the real reduction is permanent.

I want to assure you that the University continues to plan not only for the biennium, but also for our long-term future. Our budget principles and priorities--including maintaining our quality and competitiveness, retaining and rewarding faculty and staff, increasing productivity, and improving financial access for students--remain unchanged, because our goal is still a strong University.

Yes, it is Bob, and always has been for most of us. This requires setting priorities in line with our resources. The top three goal has been an unmitigated disaster as well as other delusions of grandeur. They reek of hubris and do not serve us well in obtaining support from the citizens of the state.

And you know that I am not a Johny-come-lately to this theme, please see:

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