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Swells Upset? No Swill...

Our swivel-hipped administration reverses field, again, maybe...

The geniuses in our administration are suffering the consequences of their ill-conceived liquor policy for the House that Bob built.

From WCCO:

'U' Reverses Plans: No Alcohol At Gopher Stadium

The University doesn't want to encourage underage drinking, so it doesn't intend to sell alcohol in general admission seats, where 20 percent of the fans are students.

Gopher football fans who forked over big dough for premium seats in the new on-campus stadium are fuming.

Before signing ticket contracts, they were told alcohol was part of the package. But now the University of Minnesota is threatening to make the whole stadium dry after state lawmakers said all fans should be able to buy a beer, or none of them.

Some season ticket holders are now feeling cheated.

Jennifer Egertson was among the first to buy premium outdoor club seats in the new TCF bank stadium.

"The tickets are expensive. I decided I was with that, but it was the amenities that were compensating for a lot of the extra cost. Definitely the private bar," she said.

"That wasn't my primary focus but it was an amenity," continued Egertson.

But after the vote to allow liquor sales throughout the stands or not at all, University administrators decided to have a dry stadium.

"I just signed a contract, paid and now they are pulling the amenities away. It doesn't seem like they're considering the loyalty of people the paying all this money," added Egertson.

University officials say nothing is written in stone yet.

"We'll be looking at the whole range of options that are before us after this law passes," said University of Minnesota spokesman Daniel Wolter.

The U doesn't want to encourage underage drinking, so it doesn't intend to sell alcohol in general admission seats, where 20 percent of the fans are students.

But some ticket holders argue the U had no problem selling alcohol at the Metrodome for the more than 20 years the team played there with thousands of students in the stands.

The U says the Dome sold the beer and it's not on campus.

What a sad excuse for leadership. It was ok for beer to be sold in the student section - everywhere - at University of Minnesota football games because the Dome sold it and not the U? The games weren't on campus so alcohol is ok. What a joke. There is already alcohol on campus and it is being sold and these folks know it. Trying to draw a distinction of the type our administration is peddling is absurd.

What they should have said from the beginning is: No alcohol, nowhere, in the House that Bob built because the U of M is concerned with the very serious alcohol problems among college students.

But no, that would have taken some courage and leadership. However could we compete with the Twins and the Vikings for the money of the high-rollers? Maybe we shouldn't...

At least a couple of Regents understood this point.

Prediction: Free swill for swells. U can then claim that no alcohol is sold in the house that Bob built.

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