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University needs to change its priorities

From the Star-Tribune:

University needs to change its priorities

If you regard thriftiness, humility and unpretentiousness as virtues, it's hard to see much to like about the colos- sal, grandiose, 2009 University of Minnesota, with its big salaries, big buildings, big sports, big tuitions.

If I were young, I'd think twice about attending a school burdened by thick layers of administrators with Wall Street salaries, a multimillion-dollar sports establishment, and a building program of Roman Empire proportions.

A state-sponsored college's mission should be to provide its citizens the opportunity for a low-cost, high-quality education. On this score, the MnSCU schools would seem to be a far better deal for a student than is the U of M.

When the current U president's term expires in 2011, I am confident that the pendulum will swing back from his 1980s-style big-business model of college administration toward an education-first focus more appropriate to today's economic climate. But we'll still be paying for those gigantic new buildings ...



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