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Vadim Falls On Sword

From the Daily:

BY Briana Bierschbach PUBLISHED: 05/06/2009

Vadim Lavrusik, editor-in-chief and co-publisher of The Minnesota Daily, resigned Wednesday.

Lavrusik was suspended for a week without pay effective Sunday, May 3, for contributing Daily content to a Star Tribune article about riots during Spring Jam.

On Tuesday morning, Lavrusik changed the order of stories on the Daily’s website, moving the “Open letter to our readers” to less prominent placement on the Daily homepage. His resignation came before The Minnesota Daily Board of Directors determined whether or not this action violated his suspension.

Lavrusik was contacted Tuesday by Daily editors about his actions. He sent a letter of resignation Wednesday to the board of directors announcing his resignation.

“Me going in and editing the stories on the website was not done out of malice or done with intention to change the news in anyway,” Lavrusik said Wednesday. “I was simply doing what I had always been doing and that’s ranking the stories the way they would appear in the paper.”

Lavrusik, who has been with the Daily for nearly four years, said he later realized he made a mistake, and resigned in hopes that his action would “put out the fire that’s been going on at the Daily for the last week.”

Holly Miller, who was set to succeed Lavrusik as editor-in-chief, has taken over the position.

Thanks, V, it has been a helluva year at the Daily...

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