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Beware the clock!


Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of chardonnay!

As Governor Pawlenty serves out his lame-duck term, so too does President Bruininks.

Given the financial cliff that the University will shortly be falling from, the sooner a new executive is in place, the better. Two years from now is when the worst will happen. To have this coincident with a new captain coming on board seems unwise.

President Bruininks could best serve the university by announcing that he will retire as soon as his replacement can be found, i.e. at the end of this next academic year. His successor will then have a year to prepare before the Gopher boat goes over Minnehaha Falls.

From the Daily:

Regents elect new chair and vice chair

They will play a leading role in the search for a new University president.

The Board of Regents elected a new chair and vice chair at their meeting Friday.

As University President Bob Bruininks’s term expires in 2011 and he has publicly stated that he doesn’t plan to seek an extension, it’s expected that the Board of Regents, within the next two years, will undertake the task of selecting a new University president, University spokesman Dan Wolter said.

As the board’s new leadership, Allen and Cohen will be responsible for conducting the search.

Allen will appoint a search committee and have a leading role in determining the process of the search, Allen said.

Those responsible for the search for a new president are on board. Damn the torpedoes!

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