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President Bruininks gives another non-answer to salary cut question...

In an editorial, the Daily asks some questions of our leadership:

Questions for our budgeteers

Is the well-off leadership at the University not thinking hard enough about alternative cost cutting or are they just not listening?

These questions beg of the University community the following: If our enlightened and bountifully compensated leaders cannot find more novel ways to reduce expenses, are they truly worth the salaries we afford them?

To which OurCEO replies in another place in the same issue:

While cuts are being made across the board at the University, faculty and staff at the College of Design have taken their own actions of self preservation, which includes a 10 percent voluntary salary cut from five members of the school's leadership team -- including Dean Tom Fisher -- to prevent widespread layoffs.

Marilyn Delong , associate dean at the College of Design, said about 30 staff and faculty at the school total are taking reductions, saving the University an estimated $115,000. Their reduction would equal about 26 days without pay for the five leadership positions.

Many are calling on Bruininks and other top administrators at the University to do the same -- take a pay cut of up to 10 percent.

Phyllis Walker, president of AFSCME 3800, said University central administration should be required to take a 10 percent pay reduction, a cut that she estimates could save the University more than $7 million.

But Bruininks said "the University is not strengthened by weakening its competitive positions."

"The University's top administrators are not overpaid by any comparison I have seen, and many find ways to give back to the University," he said.

Is Dean Tom Fisher overpaid?

Osmo Vanska? Kaywin Feldman? Joe Dowling?

Did they weaken their competitive position by taking a pay cut? No, they strengthened it.

They demonstrated leadership, something that is in short supply in Morrill Hall lately.

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