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Further Lessons for the U from the Minnorch

Osmo Vanska cut his own salary and the orchestra trimmed back its ambitious aspirations for Orchestra Hall renovation. Perhaps the U might keep this in mind while planning for its own future buildings and renovations, e.g. the Northrup project?

From the Strib:

In a scaled-back project, architects have been hired to update the 1974 building's exterior and open up its cramped lobby spaces.

The Minnesota Orchestra unveiled Friday a $40 million project to remodel its 35-year-old hall in downtown Minneapolis. That represents a significant telescoping of a project envisioned two years ago as a $90 million endeavor.

When Kuwabara and partner Marianne McKenna were introduced at an Orchestra Hall press conference Friday, their themes centered around "transparency" in the exterior, reinventing the hall's lobby and "opening up the building to the city," in McKenna's words.

KPMB was chosen from 100 architects. The orchestra wanted someone with renovation expertise in the arts; KPMB has credits at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago and Canada's National Ballet School as well as a drama center at the University of Michigan that bears a striking resemblance to the old Guthrie Theater.

Time to demonstrate leadership and flexibility, President Bruininks?

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