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Jenna Ross Gets (Unfairly) Bashed on Strib Web Site

Anyone who has made comments on web sites realizes that commenters can be a mean and tough crowed. You have to have a thick skin to post on most of these sites or read the comments. One of my friends who is a very good journalist once told me that he ignores the comments. Probably a good practice if you don't tolerate fools gladly.

I have enormous respect for journalists that dates back to my undergraduate days where I knew J-school students in what we used to call the meddler school of journalism at Northwestern. These folks are in general extremely idealistic, intelligent, and hardworking. I put them in the same class - character wise - as social workers, with every intent to praise both social workers and journalists.

So one of our graduates, Jenna Ross, is getting killed - see the comments on her recent article about proposed U of M tuition for next year. People apparently think that 3% increase is somehow outrageous. If you read Jenna's well done article it appears to be the case that about 60% of the students will see NO increase in tuition and fees for next year. If this is true - it is remarkable.

I made my own intemperate comment on the article and it was:

People, please be fair

First, many other state universities have been forced to raise tuition more than the U just to keep their heads above water, i.e. Iowa at 4% and U Washington 7%.

Second, if it is really true that 60% of the student body will actually pay less in tuition and fees than last year, then bully for the U!

Please note that I think the U's priorities are screwed up and the President and his administration should take salary cuts, etc., etc. But give credit where due. Thanks also to Tom Rukavina and the legislature for their role in keeping the tuition pot lid on.

[No doubt I'll shortly be getting an earful about being a lazy U faculty member who drinks fair trade lattes and is always spouting lefty ideas. Some of this is true...]

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