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More cuts at UW-La Crosse, but jobs are spared

From the La Crosse Tribune:

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse officials announced another $320,000 in cuts Tuesday, but no layoffs are involved.

Officials instead plan to leave several administrative positions vacant, significantly reduce the level of custodial and facilities services on campus, move a member of the UW-L Foundation staff entirely onto the Foundation's payroll and end a $30,000 general education faculty grant program, Gow said.

Officials on Friday said that the baseball and men's tennis programs would end. The moves all are being done to trim $380,000 from the budget due to uncertainty over whether unionized state workers will give back a 2 percent pay increase as requested by Gov. Jim Doyle, Gow said.

"These cuts, along with the sports, have been the hardest ones to make because we have already done so much cutting," said Gow.

Searches will be halted for administrative positions that include associate dean of the College of Liberal Studies, director of the Office of Multicultural Student Services and director of General Education. That will save another $112,000.


President Bruininks, do these actions give you any ideas about what you could do before laying off people? Oh, and don't forget a 10% salary cut for everyone above $250K. Maybe 20% for those making more than half a mil. I know at least one administrator who is compensated to the tune of $750K...


You make some important points. Hopefully, Bobby B. will take heed. It should help that Darlyne Bailey will be leaving the U--that will save a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. Uff da.


I would be very interested in knowing about Dr. Bailey's departure. Is this information publicly available?


(bgleason AT umn dot edu)

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