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Most People Move Right in Old Age, Not Dave Durenberger

from Dave's recent newletter - Commentary from Dave Durenberger
June 4, 2009

Atul Gawande Rolls a Strike:


Rolls another strike in the June 1 issue of The New Yorker. A visit to McAllen, TX, where doctors are currently draining $15,000 per year per Medicare beneficiary from the Medicare program - twice the national average per capita. Twice what doctors up the valley in El Paso are doing. Three times the medicine practiced in Grand Junction, CO.
"Dramatic improvements and savings (in American medical practice) will take at least a decade. But a choice must be made. Whom do we want in charge of managing the full complexity of medical care? We can turn to insurers (whether public or private), which have proved repeatedly they cannot do it. Or we can turn to the local medical communities, which have proved that they can. But we have to choose someone - because, in much of the country, no one is in charge. And the result is the most wasteful and the least sustainable health-care system in the world." Gawande's conclusion.

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