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OurLeader, Misquoted Again?

From the St. Paul Legal Ledger
June 8, 2009 [sic]

In fact, in the final days of the legislative session, the AP quoted University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks as saying Pawlenty’s proposed cuts to the university were “savage and severe” and would damage the university and the economy. Bruininks said the cuts could trigger a 15 percent tuition increase and a loss of up to 750 additional university jobs. Asked about the university’s concerns at the press conference, Pawlenty said that is what one gets from “whiners.”

OurLeader, in his Daily essay entitled "Clarity critical in budget coverage," claims that the above is not what he said.

I wonder why the media continue to put this out... Dr. Bruininks?

For a related question about administrative compensation, including $740 K pa for the president, please see:

President Bruiniks calls for clarity [sic].

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