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President Bruininks Calls For Clarity [sic]

[I guess that clarity is the new adminspeak word to use instead of openness or transparency. At this point, either of these words could trip our collective gag reflex or else cause reversal of the earth's rotation due to the induction of world-wide eye-rolling.]

OurLeader has a telling piece in the latest Minnesota Daily:

Clarity critical in budget coverage

Here the old roundballer uses a little misdirection head fake and complains again about media coverage: "My response has been taken out of context by the media multiple times now."

In this awkward piece he also reveals:

"In fact, more than two-thirds of our budget challenge will be met by cost reductions, including deep reductions in personnel."

Which prompts these thoughts:

Before you make these deep reductions in personnel, I believe that you have a moral obligation to take a salary cut as do the rest of our highly paid administrators. I suggest 10%.

As you know, your predecessor, Mark Yudof, has just mandated a system wide salary cut for administators of the UC system. You must also be aware that leaders of the major cultural organizations in the Twin Cities have taken significant salary cuts: the Guthrie, the Walker, the MIA, and the Minnesota Orchestra. Presidents of colleges and universities throughout the country have taken significant salary cuts.

Actions speak louder than words. Be a leader - set a good example, please?

A commenter on President Bruiniks' article doesn't go for the head fake either:

Plainly and clearly: Salary cuts needed at the top

I'm a University employee, albeit on the tail-end of the University's food chain. My mandatory 10% time reduction/salary cut goes into effect next Monday. The dean of the college in which I work took a voluntary 10% cut, as did the assistant and associate deans and the chief of staff.

It's time for the University's top administrators to take similar cuts. It's time that the local media, starting with the Daily, start asking why not.

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