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Ring that Bell

You'd think that the University of Minnesota administration would just shut up about the Bell for a while in hopes that people would forget their arrogance for requesting funding for it in the middle of severe economic problems for the university and the rest of the state. But hey - it's all about U...

From the Pioneer-Press

Funding for a new Bell Museum of Natural History on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota won't be included in U President Robert Bruininks' upcoming capital request to the state, officials said Thursday.

Bruininks is scheduled to present his preliminary 2010 capital request to the Board of Regents today.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty vetoed a $24 million appropriation for the project last session, which was the second time the request had met that fate. The rejections have "caused a re-prioritization," said U spokesman Daniel Wolter.

Wolter said the U has raised about $9 million toward the project, and there may be other ways to finance it.

"I don't think anybody's ruling it out," he said. "We're assessing what the other options are."

Re-prioritization is a new word in the adminspeak lexicon, at least around here. Glad to hear it. Long overdue.

A modest proposal: Buy a printing press and install it in the basement of Morrill Hall - next to the dry stream of the money that used to flow through it. Then hire a good counterfeiter.

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