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Serious Mistakes at the U Have Long Term Consequences

Tenure wars, illegitimate actions with respect to the graduate school, unbelievably bad graduation rates in the past, various athletic scandals - things like this have consequences long after they have occurred. A recent article, concerning Florida State's punishment for recent misdeeds, once again cites some of our past sins:

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- The NCAA infractions committee intends to uphold sanctions against Florida State that would take away wins in 10 sports, including as many as 14 by football coach Bobby Bowden.

The NCAA said 61 Seminole athletes cheated on an online test in a music history course from the fall of 2006 through summer 2007 or received improper help from staffers who provided them with answers to the exam and typed papers for them.

"The most severe penalties are appropriate when the academic mission of the university has been compromised," the June 2 infractions committee response said, citing the academic misconduct at the University of Minnesota that led to basketball coach Clem Haskins' firing.

A former academic counselor at Minnesota admitted to having written more than 400 papers and take-home tests for Gophers basketball players between 1993 and 1998 and said Haskins was aware of the cheating.

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