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U of M regents approve job cuts, alcohol ban

I watched the Regents Meeting video stream. Lots of interesting stuff happened with long term implications. When the video stream is posted for download, I'll make a condensed video of the meeting that contains only the best parts...

In the mean time, here is some information that just appeared on MPR:

Minneapolis -- The University of Minnesota's governing body today approved a budget that will eliminate jobs on campus and hike tuition for students. The board has also approved a controversial ban on the sale of alcohol in the U's new football stadium.

The university's 12-member Board of Regents passed the budget on an 11-1 vote, with John Froberius [sic] casting the dissenting vote.

Froberius had moved to lower the tuition hike for graduate students by $4 million, but no one seconded the motion during the meeting Wednesday morning.

The budget also will increase in-state tuition for undergraduates about 3 percent, and calls for a 7.5 percent tuition increase for most graduate students. Law students at the university will see an increase of as much as 15 percent.

In a separate measure, the board also approved a ban on alcohol at TCF Bank Stadium, set to open on campus in the fall.

The move comes after lawmakers passed a measure requiring the university to sell alcohol throughout the school's new football stadium, or not sell it at all. The university's original plan was to sell alcohol to fans in premium suites.

The measure also bans the selling or serving of alcohol at the school's basketball and hockey facilities.

It is a little difficult for the Regents to make budgetary decisions when they are playing with less than a full deck. Many of them are concerned about this, and the administration will have some 'splainin to do next year.

I missed the first 15 minutes. Once the video is available, I'll have more on this.

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