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Trust Me, I'm a Med School Dean

From the excellent blog of Dr. Carlat:

Everybody's buzzing about the new organization and website, ACRE, whose purpose is to stem the tide of legislation that is rehabilitating the ethics of physicians. The trouble is, there is some confusion about which is the true ACRE website. Is it this one, which calls itself the "Association of Clinical Researchers and Educators"? Or is it this one, which calls itself "Academics Craving Reimbursement for Everything"? It's devilishly hard to distinguish the two, because their messages are identical.

At any rate, either ACRE 1 or Acre 2 is hosting this fancy conference to convince everyone that doctors should be giving more, rather than fewer, promotional talks for drug companies. Incredibly enough, one of the scheduled speakers is Dr. Jeffrey Flier, the dean of Harvard Medical School. I guess we now know where Dr. Flier stands on the issue!

Seems that the U of M med school would be a fertile recruiting ground for ACRE membership. Maybe we could hire the Harvard dean the next time the job opens up? He seems to have his goals aligned with that of our institution. Goal alignment, isn't that the latest in adminspeak around here?

Perhaps ACRE should make Chuck Grassley an honorary member and invite him to speak at their function?

And so it goes...

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