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"People will begin to talk about the University of Minnesota in a world conversation"

Stop the Bleeding? Or, Don't Worry, Be Happy

What's it going to be?

I've got a lot of inflammatory material on the left side of my other blog: The Periodic Table. It is pretty depressing what has been going on here under the current administration.

One of the more interesting boasts to come out of Morrill Hall is:

[Provost Tom] Sullivan said the goal's value for current students is clear. It'll be even more impressive to have the school listed on your résumé, he said.

"People will begin to talk about the University of Minnesota in a world conversation, in China, in India, all of the places that are emerging as great markets," Sullivan said. "The University of Minnesota's name will be in that small group of universities."

Well, Tom, it is starting to come true.

We're internationally talked about (see New Scientist) but unfortunately not for good reasons. Here it is stem cell fraud.

"Other stem cell biologists are disturbed that so many problems have been found in papers from a single institution. 'It's pretty discouraging," says Arnold Kriegstein of the University of California, San Francisco.

And we've made the NYT, the Wall Street Journal, Canadian papers and God knows what else - for conflict of interest questions.

And the double dippers are still of wide interest - witness continuing hits on my blog(s).

I could go on, but it is too depressing.

Time for a change?

Provost Sullivan?

President Bruininks?


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