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Psst... Wanna park that car? For $1000 I can make that possible

Oh, and that is in addition to the $140 for the parking ticket(s)

You wanna tailgate, students? Does Uncle Bob have a deal for you!

From the Daily:

Students hoping to tailgate at nearby parking lots for Gophers football games this season will have to put in a $1,000 donation if they want to purchase the $140 parking pass.

"A lot of our premium season ticket holders have parking passes there because of the donations they've made to the stadium," Brent Holck, Minnesota's athletic ticket manager, said. "I assume the majority of students don't want to pay that."

While he is unsure of whether or not students would be able and willing to donate the $1,000, Holck said it was good to give them the option.

"If they do have that money it might be of interest to them to be close to the stadium and have a tailgate lot that's close to the stadium," Holck said.

"As far as those donation levels, those will probably stay here for at least a few years but they may go up depending on the demand," Holck said.

How touching that our students will be allowed to tailgate with the big boys and girls once they cross Bob's palm with (a lot of) silver.

But then we all know that students are the first priority at this University, don't we?

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