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Administrative Proliferation Continues Unabated in the AHC?

So let's see...

We've amalgamated the job of Dean of the Medical School and AHC VP. The old dean, Deborah Powell is now some sort of VP for medical education, we have umpteen vps or associate vps in the AHC to take care of day to day business, because Frank Cerra is too busy being AHC czar to take care of, business? The proliferation continues unabated, for example we have an associate dean for faculty affairs - a job that used to be half time - who has pumped the job up to full time and is now making, in round numbers, $250 K. She is a former co-worker of the former Dean.

The latest from AHC News Capsules:

Another area of collaboration - between and among the schools and colleges of the Academic Health Center - has led to the development of a new model for the position of associate vice president for research within the AHC. Based on discussion and recommendations from the AHC deans, we have developed a new position that will ultimately be shared with each of our health sciences disciplines. Initially, the new associate vice president for the AHC will also serve as the vice dean for research of the Medical School. Following five years of service in this shared role, the AVP position will rotate to the research lead of one of our other AHC schools. This new model will ensure that each of our disciplinary research leaders will have the opportunity to fully discover the strengths of each health science school while serving in the AHC role. This is a critical position that will be responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership for the AHC's and Medical School's research programs and fostering interest in health research at the University. We are looking for an extraordinary individual who has a strong vision, outstanding leadership skills, a distinguished record of research and scholarship, and a deep commitment to interdisciplinary research. We invite your applications and nominations. Please click here to see more information on this newly posted position, as well as the search committee for this new leadership position.

- Frank B. Cerra, M.D.
Sr. Vice President for Health Sciences
Dean of the Medical School

Stop, please, Frank. Clearly this is an attempt to put in cement the course of action chosen by the present administration, one that has clearly failed in staying ahead of the curve in health related matters. Conflict of interest anyone? Medical education? Reasonable models to encourage docs to go into family practice? Incredible debt load? Overbuilding and lack of attention to the fundamentals of medical practice?

It is time for a change in the AHC as well as Morrill Hall.

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