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Faculty Governance - An Oxymoron?

From the June 12th meeting of the Board of Regents:

"The progress of initiatives this year and the rich dialogue surrounding
issues ranging from . . . to graduate education attests to the value of
faculty participation in governance. . . ."

"The U of M can be proud that it represents the gold standard among the
CIC institutions with respect to the effectiveness of the
administration/faculty governance. . . . "

From the Report of Professor Emily Hoover, chair of the faculty/senate
consultative committee (at p. 35 of the minutes)

As a friend pointed out:

On what planet has Dr. Hoover been living? Is she aware of the resolution adopted by the Faculty Senate on April 30, 2009 demanding that the administration act in accordance with the University Policy on Reorganization?

If so, why did she not report on the resolution to the Regents? How are the Regents to learn of the actions of the Faculty Senate?

For further evidence of this gold standard of behavior of the administration toward faculty governance, please see:

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