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Is the Best Health Care To Be Found in Academic Medicine?

This debatable proposition is espoused in the latest advertising campaign at the U:

University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital recently launched its Fall 2009 advertising campaign, which focuses on the experiences of real hospital patients. Focused on reaching Twin Cities parents, the campaign promotes the benefits of academic medicine. Because our physicians and nurses not only deliver the latest innovations - they create them - University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital is the best place to receive specialty care for common to complex pediatric and maternal-fetal health conditions, right from the start.

As evidence accumulates on cost and effectiveness of health care options, this hypothesis will become testable. Consumers of health care services already have access to data on performance indicating that academic medicine (whatever that is) may not be the best option.

See for example:

Consumer Tools On the Web
Diabetic Health Care Success Variability in Minnesota

As an article in the Strib put it:

"Some of the highest ratings went to Fairview and Allina clinics, while some of the lowest were at clinics run by University of Minnesota physicians and those managed last year by Aspen Medical Group, which has since merged with Allina."

As such comparisons becomes more readily available, performance may start to become more important than advertising campaigns. Talk about evidence-based medicine will need to be translated into action.

And another big question involves the cost of these new facilities that price out at about two million dollars per bed. For further information please see:

Redundant Children's Hospital Coming Back to Haunt U?

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