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Is the U becoming an elephant graveyard?


Dan Wolter - The One In The Middle?

The Daily has a piece up about our chief flak-catcher, the saintly Dan Wolter today:

The man in the middle

This (and Nick Coleman) jogged my memory about a few things.

Mr. Wolter's appointment to the Metropolitan Council is not exactly coincidental...

From the U's website:

"Prior to joining the News Service, Wolter served as director of communications for Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty from his transition in December 2003 until late 2004. In that role, he oversaw all media relations for the governor, lieutenant governor and state agencies."

J-School Prof Chris Ison also had an informative article about Mr. Wolter that readers may find of interest:

Opinion: The Closed U

A more recent arrival at the graveyard is yet another Pawlenty administration refugee, Matt Kramer.

Mr. Kramer served as Pawlenty's chief of staff until this summer when he came to the University to become Director of the University of Minnesota Academic and Corporate Relations Center.

The move meant a raise: Kramer will earn $145,000 a year in his new post, compared to $118,870 in Pawlenty's administration, according to the AP.

It is interesting that in the middle of a hiring pause we are still able to to feed this elephant and even give him a 25K$ raise. And now people are being laid off? I guess some pigs (elephants) are more equal than others. Since he is the director of a center, does this make him an administrator? That might explain it...

Now where are those peanuts?

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