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Mad As Hell Docs Make a Stop

From the Strib:

U Med School grad on cross-country caravan for 'single-payer' plan

A University of Minnesota Medical School graduate is among six doctors from Oregon who are meandering across the country in his recreational vehicle, promoting a single-payer plan as the best option for health care reform.

Joseph H. Eusterman, a retired doctor of internal medicine, is on the Mad As Hell Doctors Tour that arrives in the Twin Cities on Wednesday in a Winnebago on its way to Washington, D.C. An earlier stop Wednesday is scheduled in Mankato.

"The current health care system we have is terminal," Eusterman, 79, wrote on the tour website, www.madashelldoctors.com. "And these 'options' that keep coming out of Washington is like prescribing aspirin for a tumor."

After earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame, Eusterman received graduate and Medical School degrees from the University of Minnesota.

The trip began Sept. 8 in Oregon and is scheduled to end Sept. 30. A meeting with President Obama has been requested.

On their website, the doctors acknowledge that a Canadian-style health system would "take a miracle" to happen, given that the prospect for any increased role by government in health care delivery is being fiercely contested.

Even so, they say, "Our message to the president and Congress is clear: Single payer is the solution. We demand it now."

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