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The Daily: Win Some, Lose Some


There have been some changes made in the Daily starting this Fall.

1. Registration is now required for posting

Result: Comment numbers plummet.

Discussion: This may be because certain bomb throwers are unwilling to reveal themselves as other than anonymous. Or it may be because it is just too much trouble for said sad bomb throwers to register. Hopefully comments will pick up in the future, but see below.

2. Plug Pulled on Campus Tweets

Result: #UMN hashtag still works, but availability on main Daily site is gone.

Discussion: Mistake! I hope that the Daily will reconsider this (bad) decision. Ironically Richard Florida tweeted today that "Twitter is the water-cooler of the creative class." http://bit.ly/HHG5M

The Daily makes some claims:

"Only 4 percent feel Twitter is an important source of information"

[This is not at the U of M but a Zogby poll concerning the "general public." Tweeters must identify themselves. What has happened to the # of comments since some self-identification has been required? Any connection?]

"Most of the tweets that appeared under Campus Tweets were press releases from other organizations or links to personal Web sites, rather than news tips and posts related to campus happenings. Although this was not always the case, it happened frequently enough that editors expressed concern that the application was not serving its intended purpose of enhancing the Daily's coverage."

[If you look on Twitter, you'll see that most of the tweets contain links to other sites. Given the 140 character word limit, do you really expect "enhancing Daily coverage" on the basis of the logical equivalent of a sound-bite? Without a further link? And is a link to a personal Web site - about the topic at hand - inappropriate? I was not too happy about the fact that the U of M's propaganda operation repeatedly RT'd the same messages over and over and over again...]

So, win some, lose some. But I thought that the U of M was supposed to be a place where the next generation of creative thinkers hung out. Guess not?

Certainly it should be a place where people are willing to put their own names to their ideas.

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