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U of M Admin's Bad Faith Negotiations on Light Rail Revealed

I've been quite disturbed about the U's lawsuit over the light rail route, since reading the actual document that is mentioned in an earlier post.

The first newspaper to have read and published on the document appears to be the Pioneer Press and they have done a pretty good job. I've got a piece up on my other site that excerpts from the Pioneer Press and has a few choice words of my own, e.g.

While saying [General Counsel Rotenberg] the U was working with the Met Council to make the budget work, "It's fundamentally not the U's responsibility to come up with a budget that is adequate to the project that they want to build."
[These are stupid, arrogant, and insensitive words to use, Mr. Rotenberg. They will come back to haunt you. Wait until you hear something like this from the legislature: "It's not the legislature's responsibility to come up with a budget that is adequate for the buildings they want to build." ]
For the whole rant, please see: More Details Emerge in Pioneer Press Article About U's Beef With Light Rail.

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