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What College Football Is All About?

From City Pages:

The Gopher football stadium has football fans pretty pumped, but some people are more excited to get sloshed in the parking lot outside.

The game is already sold out, but the parking lot spots could cost you even more. Some scalping sites are listing parking places for as much as $350.

Ticket King says this is the only market where people are willing to pay so much for a tailgate spot. Tickets for the actual game on scalping sites range from $163 to $600+.

Isn't it great to have football back on campus for everyone to enjoy?


Oh, and I understand we have the biggest locker room in college or the pros and our coach takes a helicopter to recruit locally... Sort of makes you sick, doesn't it?


And how much will tuition be going up after next year? Would that be $2000+ ?


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