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Administrators Who Blog: U Virginia's Darden School Dean Robert Bruner

Margaret Soltan has a piece up on University Diaries entitled "Blogoscopy" wherein she cites an Economic Times of India article:

Robert Bruner... the dean of Darden School Of Business at the University of Virginia ... has one of the most readable blogs I've seen in a long time. His posts are fairly frequent and most of them are so original, well thought out and sincere (as opposed to cynical) that they may actually be called 'wise,' a term that's very seldom used in its true sense these days. Bruner's posts come with innumerable quotes from literature and his erudition touches subjects ranging from leadership and ethics to innovation and work-life balance, often linking them to contemporary events.

... "A blog is like a huge chalkboard that everyone can read -- it helps me extend the reach of my teaching well beyond the classroom," says Bruner. "I also do it because it allows me to inform my audience, frame an agenda and shape discussion. That's something leaders need to do."

Academics like Bruner find themselves pulled into the blogosphere in part because their net-savvy students demand it of them. "Once these students graduate into the outside world, they will expect the same thing from the leadership there," says the dean...

Yes, it is about leadership. Leaders frame agendas and shape discussion about them by appropriate consultation. Our Provost - a few years ago - promised us such an opportunity to have a conversation with him. He reneged. Too busy. Sad.


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