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Best Judgment? Is That Like Best Practice?

Although I am a great admirer of the the University of Wisconsin, they step in it, too.

From University Diaries:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has defended a professor's $219 purchase of the complete set of the 1960s series "Get Smart" as appropriate.

The Legislative Audit Bureau discovered the purchase of the 25-DVD set by a business professor during a review of credit card spending.

Auditors also wanted explanations for the professor's purchase of seasons of "The Love Boat" and "Family Ties." The professor, whose name was redacted from records, spent more so all three could be shipped overnight.

In an internal e-mail, the professor said clips from the shows would be used "to illustrate aspects of business and management" in his class.

UW-Madison called the purchases a "best judgment" and said the DVDs would be used for years, so purchasing instead of renting them made sense.


Maybe I am just bitter about last weekend?

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