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Driven to Dissemble, Part 9999. The Folwell Hall Shuffle Redux



The Daily has an article on a clarion call for student support of money for renovation of Folwell Hall.

University seeking student support for Folwell project

The University is requesting $23 million from the state for renovations to century-old classroom building.

On which article I heartlessly commented:

This administration counts on a lack of institutional memory

Submitted by wbgleason on Mon, 10/19/2009 - 8:15pm.

Everyone should remember that in the past the Morrill Hall crowd threw Folwell under the bus, even after Pawlenty indicated that he would support the renovation, because they thought they could get the money instead for the Bell.

For background see:

The Folwell Hall Sellout Or, I Guess It is Not Unique and Essential... (March 5, 2008)

"Meanwhile, the University Administration has pulled the rug out from under the Folwell renovation, even though the governor had already indicated his approval."

"The Administration's treatment of the Folwell renovation is a good example of the fact that you should pay more attention to what people do than to what they say."

"In Wellstonian: These people are not very good at walking the talk."

"Of course this would take leadership, vision, and a sense of priorities commensurate with our land grant mission."


If the administration wants students, faculty, and staff to help lobby at the legislature, then I suggest they let these stakeholders have an actual say in what our priorities will be there.

Currently this input is a show:

"How is the priority list determined, Professor Luepker asked? At the end of the day, the President decides, Mr. Pfutzenreuter said. He decides from a list that comes from the vice presidents and deans." Senate Committee on Finance and Planning, September 20 (2009)

I certainly agree that students should lobby for Folwell money, but they should also be aware the project could (and should) have been completed a lot earlier if the Morrill Hall crowd had a better sense of priorities.

It is hard to come up with an example where the state legislature did not support a request that was demonstrably linked to our educational mission (Folwell) but cases of us being turned down abound when they appear to be unnecessary or untimely - the Bell.

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